help helping hands with amazon smile

kathleen schulkins on March 6, 2016

help helping hands ministries of harrisburg with amazon smile follow link thanks blessings!!!!!

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fall 2014

kathleen schulkins on October 30, 2014

hi everyone fall is here! it's hunting seans! please fill those tags and donate the meat you don't need or want Thanksgiving is right around the corner! we are in need of turkeys for our Thanksgiving meal   we will be serving Christmas dinner on Christmas day i look at the economy and what is goig on in the world and see how in dire straights we are in BUT we are to remember those less fortunate than us and how blessed we are please consider supporting helping hands ministries financially  everything is going up and donations are going down...

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kathleen schulkins on September 20, 2013

Christmas is just around the corner - 3 months and 3 days - we are thrilled to be SERVING supper AGAIN INSIDE st. michael lutheran church on Christmas Day december 25 . Praise the Lord. We have been serving inside st. michaels for a few years: thursday, friday and sunday.  And we have been invited to serve on Christmas, we served there last year on Christmas. We sang songs, read The Word, had supper and passed out gifts. If you would like to be a part of blessing the homeless and less  please message me or post.  thanks and God...

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kathleen schulkins on August 26, 2013

homeless --- what feelings, emotions or thoughts come up when you read or hear the word homeless --- pan-handlers? drug addicst? drunks? people that get and get and get then sell it for money to pay for their addiction? i see: people who are hurting, lonely --- i see veterans who's country had forgotten them, i see veterans who live in a room (just a room) i see a young family trying to make ends meet --- i see a young girl volunteer who baked chocolate chip cookies for the guys --- i see thankfulness in their eyes that people...

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Christmas 2012

kathleen schulkins on December 19, 2012

i am so excited for Christmas this year.  we are serving inside st michael lutheran church on tuesday 25 dec.  since we are only serving thursdays, fridays, and sundays. Christmas was not falling on one of our normal serving days.  this would have been our first Christmas without feeding the homeless and hungry. we asked st michaels if we could serve and YES was the answer  so we will be serving ham turkey and other foods. also we will be handing out gifts! gifts for all!!! we have had more families and "kids"  come in the past month and have...

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