help helping hands with amazon smile

kathleen schulkins on March 6, 2016

help helping hands ministries of harrisburg with amazon smile follow link thanks blessings!!!!!

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fall 2014

kathleen schulkins on October 30, 2014

hi everyone fall is here! it's hunting seans! please fill those tags and donate the meat you don't need or want Thanksgiving is right around the corner! we are in need of turkeys for our Thanksgiving meal   we will be serving Christmas dinner on Christmas day i look at the economy and what is goig on in the world and see how in dire straights we are in BUT we are to remember those less fortunate than us and how blessed we are please consider supporting helping hands ministries financially  everything is going up and donations are going down...

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kathleen schulkins on September 20, 2013

Christmas is just around the corner - 3 months and 3 days - we are thrilled to be SERVING supper AGAIN INSIDE st. michael lutheran church on Christmas Day december 25 . Praise the Lord. We have been serving inside st. michaels for a few years: thursday, friday and sunday.  And we have been invited to serve on Christmas, we served there last year on Christmas. We sang songs, read The Word, had supper and passed out gifts. If you would like to be a part of blessing the homeless and less  please message me or post.  thanks and God...

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kathleen schulkins on August 26, 2013

homeless --- what feelings, emotions or thoughts come up when you read or hear the word homeless --- pan-handlers? drug addicst? drunks? people that get and get and get then sell it for money to pay for their addiction? i see: people who are hurting, lonely --- i see veterans who's country had forgotten them, i see veterans who live in a room (just a room) i see a young family trying to make ends meet --- i see a young girl volunteer who baked chocolate chip cookies for the guys --- i see thankfulness in their eyes that people...

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Christmas 2012

kathleen schulkins on December 19, 2012

i am so excited for Christmas this year.  we are serving inside st michael lutheran church on tuesday 25 dec.  since we are only serving thursdays, fridays, and sundays. Christmas was not falling on one of our normal serving days.  this would have been our first Christmas without feeding the homeless and hungry. we asked st michaels if we could serve and YES was the answer  so we will be serving ham turkey and other foods. also we will be handing out gifts! gifts for all!!! we have had more families and "kids"  come in the past month and have...

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new years eve

kathleen schulkins on December 31, 2011

it's new years eve the end of 2011 - i want to thank everyone who helped in making helping hands ministries of harrisburg a blessing to the homeless and those in need - we are a helping HANDS ministries it takes MANY HANDS - and i am thankful for all - may God bless you in 2012

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kathleen schulkins on December 10, 2011

everyone has a season they are going through in their lifeyour season may be unemployment, financial difficulties, depression, grief, hopelessness or homelessfirst i want to tell you that there is a God and He is still on His throne even during trialssome of "my guys" have faced all the above and some have regained their hopeone of "my homeless guys"  was able to get the medical treatment he needed and was able to get an apartment unfortunately he had COPD and he made the choice to continue to smokethis past week he passed onno it just wasn't the COPD, or...

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back inside

kathleen schulkins on September 29, 2011

Praise the Lord!  We are serving inside St. Michael Lutheran Church, 118 State Street, Harrisburg, starting this Sunday October 2, 2011we will be serving our wednesday and sunday meals therevolunteers please come at 4a supper meal is served from 430-530we are very excited to be returning to st michaelswe were there last winterblessings to all

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the healthy grocer

kathleen schulkins on April 30, 2011

 natural health education day saturday may 7come to the healthy grocer and show your patronage and thank them for all they do for helping hands ministrieswe will be there with a table set up The Healthy Grocer3800 Trindle RdCamp Hill, PA 17011717-737-5123 Phone

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kathleen schulkins on April 8, 2011

 just got word about one of my guys - i had mentioned him b4 - robert - fighting colon cancer, he had surgery and the cancer has metastasized please remember him in your prayers and his family - sister - as well

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FIrst Day Back Outside

kathleen schulkins on April 6, 2011

 After a long cold winter, spring is here.  St. Michael Lutheran Church 118 State Street opened it's doors for us for the winter weather.  We are truly thankful for having been inside during the frigid weather.  Now we are back outside until later in the year.Sundays and Wednesday you will find us at the corner of Blackberry and River Streets, beside the courthouse.  4:30-5:30p serving our supper.  Dress weather appropriate.

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new hope youth group

kathleen schulkins on January 29, 2011

 wow new hope youth group! thanks! the youth group had a lock-in "30-hour famine" and came to help me @broad street market - b4 they ate tacos - it was a great group of young people to show and help thanks:)

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community day at bon-ton february 26

kathleen schulkins on January 18, 2011

 we will be pre-selling booklets at bon-ton by the "shoe door"or get with me before then or see us there 10am-12pmThe Community Day booklet is filled with great savings coupons and exclusive offers — valued at more than $200! You talked - we listened. Our Community Day booklet is now valid on all Yellow Dot!Take advantage of: all coupons now include Yellow Dot! $10 off coupon featuring minimal exclusions 30% off early bird coupon additional savings coupons exclusive Community Day Bonus offers three amazing web -exclusive offers From now until February 26th, your local, non-profit organizations are partnering with the...

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calendar update

kathleen schulkins on January 17, 2011

takes me awhile but updating calendar

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read what one student can do

kathleen schulkins on January 5, 2011

Click on people's faces in the photo to tag them. @ Kathleen; this is Kayah's school project! :)Write a comment...

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last day of 2010

kathleen schulkins on December 31, 2010

a very sad day...not a good way to end of "my guys" actually one of "my kids" i have known for quite a few years was found dead in his room this morning...he had been dead for a few days...he had a seizure...i am sad...he is same the same age as my son actually 2 weeks younger...i was his "mom"...kind of puts the death of my 10 year old bunny that happened this morning in perspective... if you don't know Jesus as your personal savior, you need to know Him...He loves you so much that He sent his only...

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today 30 dec

kathleen schulkins on December 30, 2010

 linda and friends from calvary lutheran, mechanicsburgthanks for being a blessing over 100 pairs of socks!!camille and club 56 from trinity umc, hummelstownthanks for serving and bringing soap, deodorant, socks and underwear for "my guys"you are such a blessingandabby thank you so much for your help: placing sweets on tray, handing out buttered breadfor those who don't know abby, she is a special girl and she really looked forward to returning to hhm to help servewe are so blessed that she has such a heart for otherswe all have a job that the Lord has for us, find it and...

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yesterday 29 dec

kathleen schulkins on December 30, 2010

 tree of life  thank you thank youi have been not feeling well and having you prepare the meal, bring and serve was a real blessingi was able to rest and not worry about the foodamy you rockthanks for all you do

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kathleen schulkins on December 25, 2010

 Merry Christmasthank you all for making Christmas a wonderful blessing to the homelesscurt, kelli, and family, from CLA,  brought gifts for "the guys" 118 bags filled and they brought long johns for everyone!they were a part of the Christmas gift program for children of families that were unable to providelisa, tim and his family were also a part of the gifts for children - families were blessedand tim - thanks for "cleaning" out the fridge - you are "un-fired" for forgetting to recycle and me having to dig in the trash for   recyclables lisa thanks for hooking hhm to facebook...

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23 december

kathleen schulkins on December 24, 2010

 let's see:susan and jojo cooked for me - thank you so much   had lots to do so what a blessing that they prepared and brought    the evening meal for usthanks judy and mike for my Christmas present - venti peppermint latte   mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmand the help we had    susquehanna twp high school's interact club which is part of rotary international   their motto "service above self" came and served - what a wonderful group of young peoplethank you all for blessings

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wednesdays and sundays

kathleen schulkins on December 22, 2010

Praise the Lord we are inside on wednesdays and sundays at st.michael lutheran church, 118 state street harrisburg   we had our first meal there this eveningwe are very thankful that st michael has opened their doors to us for the winter monthsas you know it has been very cold and it is nice to come in, have the guys warm up and eat a hot meal very thankful to all who helped serve tonightwe are sorry for the loss of a dear loved one from daybreak church, after the meal they had, the leftovers were donatedand just in case you...

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kathleen schulkins on December 19, 2010

  Christmas is this week.  We have a wonderful day planned for "my guys"  We will have a Christmas meal at 4:30p and will be handing out bags - bags filled with long johns, gloves, hats, soap, shampoo, lotion, candies, and cup of soup - all put together by Christian Life Assembly, Word of Grace and First Church of God Merry Christmas

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Christmas blessings

kathleen schulkins on December 17, 2010

 we are so blessed, Word of Grace, blankets and clothes, Tree of Life many clothes, blanket, white socks...and to all who have donated white socks THANK YOU.  we can take for granted a clean pair of socks everyday; and because so many of you have donated new white socks, all "my guys" have several pairs.  Blankets -  we have collected over 75 blankets - everyone who needs a blanket can get one THANK YOU.  Remember you can't out give God!  He provides our needs.  Blessings to All !!!!

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wow Daybreak Youth

kathleen schulkins on December 8, 2010

 Daybreak youth is awesome, thanks so much for the 75 blankets you collected from the community surrounding your church.  "my guys" will b so warm and thankful - thankful as always!

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matching contribution

kathleen schulkins on December 7, 2010

 hello everyone!!! just a reminder as the end of the year approachesstart thinking about your tax deductionswe are federally tax exemptAND dont forget if your company does matching contributions that is a BIG PLUSand have yourself a Merry Christmas

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gifts that give fair

kathleen schulkins on December 2, 2010

We are looking forward to our 2010 Gifts That Give Hope fair.  Our fair is on Saturday, December 4, 2010.  The fair will beheld at the Holiday Inn West (5401 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg) from 10 am - 2 pm.Our fair represents 25 participating non-profit organizations (mostly local) and fairly traded handicrafts from Ten Thousand Villages.  We will also have Riley's Toy Foundation taking NEW Toy Donations throughout the day.If  you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Arlene Wickens717-728-9119

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needs at the moment

kathleen schulkins on December 2, 2010

Partners in Medicine, a spouses group with the Hershey>> Medical Center is making several trays of casseroles for usSt Johns Lutheran Church Disciple Class has made more casseroles for usAs we prepare for the Christmas holiday and the gifts we will be handing out, having the casseroles frozen and ready to go in the oven is a blessing - one less meal that i have to prepare which allows me to get other things doneHELP!!! with being blessed with all this food and the sad shape of our stand-up freezer and the very sad shape of our refrigerator freezer we...

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more thanks and more giving

kathleen schulkins on November 14, 2010

firstif you have no where to be on Thanksgiving and you don't want to be alone, please come to 1st church of God for our Thanksgiving meal.  You can help, you can eat, you can hang-out. Our doors will open about 4p.m.alsothe end of year will be here soon.  time to think tax deductions.  we are federally tax exempt - which means you can write off any donations and IF your company does matching contributions you are helping doubly.andjudy and mike come thursdays - judy is more comfortable behind the scenes and mike makes the coffee.  thanks guys for coming...

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Thank You!

kathleen schulkins on November 9, 2010 Comments (1654)

 Wow God is good all the time!    We have received a wonderful food donation from the trucking company ABF in Carlisle.  Russ Keyes who I have known for many years "hooks" us up every fall for a food drive and clothing drive.  I did not go through the clothing boxes but they are winter clothes and "my guys" will have some to choose from tonight.    We also receive food from St. johns Lutheran Church in Shiremanstown, usually once a week some "left-overs" from their preschool program.  Also the Disciple Group prepares about 9 trays of food, freezes them...

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Holiday Giving

kathleen schulkins on October 21, 2010 Comments (4603)

   I realize it's only October but soon Thanksgiving will be and following close on it's heels is Christmas.Suggestions: Gives That Give, we are a part of this once a year program.  Visit http://giftsthatgivehope.orgAlso. We are putting together gift bags.  We need things to put in them.  If your church/youth group/work would like to participate we would welcome the following:  travel size: shampoos, lotion, shaving cream; razors, white t-shirts, white socks.  Fill those tags! Venison, turkey, bear.

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