Christmas 2012

kathleen schulkins on December 19, 2012

i am so excited for Christmas this year.  we are serving inside st michael lutheran church on tuesday 25 dec.  since we are only serving thursdays, fridays, and sundays. Christmas was not falling on one of our normal serving days.  this would have been our first Christmas without feeding the homeless and hungry. we asked st michaels if we could serve and YES was the answer  so we will be serving ham turkey and other foods.

also we will be handing out gifts! gifts for all!!!

we have had more families and "kids"  come in the past month and have had "kid presents" to bless them with next tuesday

one family had been living in a car for while and no in an apartment but don't have any thing so we were able to give them cleaning supplies, blankets, personal care items, dishes, couple more air mattresses, sheets - stuff to get them started in their place.  

this time of year can be a bah-hum-bug but it doesn't have to be - open your heart - you will be blessed and the bah-hum-bug will be gone